Your Whole Agency System in a Short Link
Use Wheredjsplay/ Agency to create an amazing agency / management microsite where you can book work easily in 25 formats for up to 20 artists for a single low price with integrated short promo links.
Save time and money by moving your booking and agency admin into a mobile optimised, social optimised booking system where all artist urls lead to your agency !
Roster Management System
Artist Roster
Promo / Booking One Sheet
Your Automated Booking Assistant
Save Every Booking Enquiry at Source, integrate with Socials for Agency and Artists. Change your artists and roster at the click of a button.
Manage up to 20 Artists Promo-Pages and Booking Pages
Our simple roster management system will help you create promo and booking pages and self manage a website system that’s easy to share and for your artists to share on socials and everywhere. All for one low cost price.
Advertise from 25 new and existing booking types efficiently- on socials, on web, on mobile
Add many new booking types are work offerings for your artists- Wanna offer remixes, mastering services alongside shows- we got your back!
Harness your Artists and Your Agency Social Media more directly into bookings
Because our shortliink is designed to work directly to accept bookings from any social or mobile link your agency promotion can be immediately integrated into Telegram, Twitter, Facebook,. TikTok, Insta and what’s app to drive requests from source.
Simple Client Contact + Offer Management system
Save And Manage every offer you have ever received in one location.
Save Every Offer in a Single Agency Hub
And reply easily to track your request pre contract and agreement and get paid easily from paypal

Empowering Creatives and Music Lovers



Creative/ Artist

A single future proof solution to bookings / work

Book more creative opportunities, faster

Advertise from 25 new and existing booking types efficiently- on socials, on web

Create Real Opportunities from Your Fans and Followers

Digital Booking Assistant

Unbranded—Your Representation

Community tools and Info

Lessons from the Worlds Top Artists

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Your Automated Booking Assistant

A Single Future Proof Solution for 35 Booking Types

Book more Creative Opportunities, Faster

Advertise New Show types fast on Socials

Harness your Artists and Your Social Media Popularity

to create more bookings and revenue

Simple Client Contact + Offer Management system

Unbranded- Your Representation

Offer geolocation and tracking

Market Analysis

Community tools




Promoter / Event Creator

Book better with Ai Assisted Talent Search

Integrate Social Media and Booking Tools

Save Time, Money, Make Data-Based Decisions

Multi platform offer system

Event Planning Integration

Worldwide Market Analysis

Offer Tracking

Book Acts faster and better than ever before


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