Dub Phizix

Dub Phizix

Biography: Dub Phizix is not on AIM Is not into trance Does not own anything made by Reebok Has never been to Magaluf Does not use the word “chillax” Has never owned a glow-stick Thinks marzipan is overrated Has no desire to go backpacking Has never “planked” Is rarely early Does not support the England football team Is not a summer person Does not get excited about wildlife documentaries Does not use his Google plus account Does not go crazy for Thai food Did not buy in to the X-men hype Does not own any hiking clothes Would never end a descriptive sentence with the word “stylee” Thinks modern furniture is rarely comfortable Has never owned a gerbil Does not live near the sea Has never been skiing Does not drink white wine Does not partake in outdoor activities Has never used the word ‘class’ as a synonym or as an alternative to the word “good” Does not like his name being abreviated to dub Does not mind “lol” as long as you actually did it, but thinks “rotflmao” is just ridiculous Is not a fan of rugby Does not like mushrooms Did not laugh when he watched The Mighty Boosh Does not eat cashew nuts Does not and will never own a Samsung phone Does not wear sunglasses indoors Does not waste time making stupid lists Is not embarrassed about enjoying “wind of change” by The Scorpions Tends not to eat sushi Does not have a double barrel surname Would not select chocolate as his first choice of milkshake flavour Does not want to hear about or see pictures of your baby, nor does he want to attempt to speak to it on the phone Is not going to give you the stems for Marka Is not a cat person Does not think your overly bassy car stereo sounds good Has always considered the word “tummy” to be for sissies Is not a person you should leave around your crisps Does not go out in fancy dress Does not know anyone who drives a Smart car™ Does not like coconut Will not “Just pop you on the guest list” Does not use the word random in a blasé fashion Does not use the word blasé Does not contradict himself Does not accept unsolicited phone calls Does not recycle Does not feel guilty about the fact that he does not recycle Will never own a man bag Does not use sun beds Does not moan about trivial things and is widely considered a jovial and agreeable character

Home City: Manchester

Genre: Drum & Bass

Dub Phizix





No Upcoming Events, Check Past Events?

Date Event Name Venue Name
Dec 13, 2020 The Cause
Aug 28, 2020 The Volks
Apr 24, 2020 E1 London
Mar 21, 2020 Gretchen
Mar 07, 2020 Time Out Market, Lisboa
Feb 21, 2020 Brown Alley
Feb 16, 2020 Sideway
Feb 07, 2020 The I Club
Jan 25, 2020 Victoria Warehouse
Jan 17, 2020 Hanging Gardens
Dec 28, 2019 XOYO
Dec 20, 2019 Kompass Klub
Nov 30, 2019 Drumsheds
Nov 08, 2019 XOYO
Oct 05, 2019 Printworks
Aug 07, 2019 Matterley Bowl
Aug 02, 2019 XOYO
Jul 13, 2019 The Bullingdon
May 26, 2019 CCO ?????????????
May 24, 2019 Circus Tokyo

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