Vinyl Djing

Howcast - Vinyl -Beat Match and Blend 03m 00s

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DJ DP One teaches you the art of vinyl mixing and cueing with two funk and soul records, locating the point of mixing and matching between headphone and monitor, creating a laid back but punchy sound.

Daniel “DJ DP One” Pinero aka “The Blessing” is a leading New York-based club deejay, who has an ability to play multi-genre sets, which has earned him international recognition. He is an original member of the Heavy Hitters and the founder of the Turntable Anihilists.

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Vinyl Djing
  • Vinyl -Beat Match and Blend
  • How to scratch with DJ Noumeno...
  • Beginners' Vinyl Mixing with E...
  • How to Scratch: The Basics
  • Introduction to Scratching
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