Vinyl Djing

DJ Courses Online - Introduction to Scratching 09m 00s

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In this video, you will learn four different scratching techniques for basic scratching: ‘baby’ scratch, forward/backwards and transformation. Suggesting infinite possibilities, this is an intuitive demonstration, showcasing fader functions, combining scratches, chopping sound with the crossfader, developing repetition, scratching over a drum break to find your rhythm and using some basic effects. was started by the founders of the Institute of Digital Music, in order to promote the education of DJing through an online school. From collaborating with the best DJ instructors and teaching hundreds of beginner, intermediate and advanced students how to DJ, they’ve been able to develop, test and refine our DJ lessons so their students learn exactly what they need to know to go toe-to-toe with the top DJs in the industry. Their courses teach the fundamentals of turntablism and various approaches to DJ setup, as well as the basis for creating and performing digital live sets for any occasion: events, original showcases, scratching/techniques, and so much more.

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Vinyl Djing
  • Introduction to Scratching
  • How to scratch with DJ Noumeno...
  • Beginners' Vinyl Mixing with E...
  • How to Scratch: The Basics
  • Vinyl -Beat Match and Blend
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