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Telekom Electronic Beats - How to Play Live-Ame 08m 06s

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Ame talks us through their analogue-heavy process along with the hybrid approach to recording with Ableton. They show us their synth-laden studio with everything connected to the mixer, using converters for ease and creating hardware with expanding options. They take natural instruments to manipulate into something new.

The gear used is the OB-8, S-Cat Dubsta Delay, TechStar Tam200, Moog, Yamaha organ, Nord Drum Machin, TR909, Komplex Sequencer from Koma and drum modules for creating movement, Elements Mutable for modular synthesis, Roland SH-101, Oberheim Expander, PPG Wave. They talk through their learning curves with building a studio and maximizing their approach to see where it takes them. 

Âme are German duo Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann. In a genre seemingly obsessed with revisiting the past, Âme looks firmly to the future of dance music. Driven toward continual evolution since they started making tracks in 2001, the German duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have challenged club-goers’ expectations with their conceptually driven and uniquely visceral music. 

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