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Jon Sine - Live Set Up by Jon Sine 09m 17s

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Jon Sine discusses quitting DJing to play his own music and various decisions he's had to make. He shows us his live set up with the Ableton Push, an old AKAI APC 40 model, the OB-6 synthesizer, M Audio air interface, triggering with pedals and other options, including visual syncing (light show) for live and how to adapt to the variables of live venues.

Jon Sine is a German DJ/producer with Israeli roots making a melodic house that goes beyond the boundaries of the genre. He loves to experiment with various elements and there are similar shades of mood to Neo-Noir films in his creations. He's always making sure to bring the contemporary to his productions and to change things up and rearrange. Since 2010 his music has been released on a number of labels: Soulfooled, Ladies & Gentlemen as well as on his newest imprint Kindisch. These formative releases have already brought some notable success in the Deep House Charts on Beatport.

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