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How to set up your Links and Bookings Page

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Get your own Links and Bookings Page at www.wheredjsplay.com In this short video, Sam Findlay from WDJP explains how to set up and customise the simple links and bookings system designed for DJs and electronic musicians from www.wheredjsplay.com, once they have set up an artist profile. Simply put it is "Link-Tree with Bookings/Work Generation" - A Short Link to Help you Promote and as well as for getting Booked for Work Fast!

An instant, easy to use work generation tool for all musicians, especially electronic ones, their agents and managers too.

Any creative can use it to create a turbo-charged link in bio page which will allow them to book work in many formats from a- DJ Gig to a lesson to a stream or a licensing request, collaboration or interview, (25 options and counting)

In this lesson, Sam explains how using this simple method a DJ or electronic music artist can best promote themselves and get work with a simple system that showcases everything from a very short to include bkdj.me Link or a bitly link that users can also track attention from. to view some real-life use cases pages please go to-






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