Electronic Music News > Newsflash: Room Three has been upgraded with a new Pioneer Pro Audio sound system
Newsflash: Room Three has been upgraded with a new Pioneer Pro Audio sound system
News Source: FabricLondon
Published: Aug. 30 2018
After a period of fine tuning today we are excited to officially announce the Pioneer Pro Audio sound system upgrade in Room Three with the XY System set up that has been powering Room Two since 2016. Our technical manager Matt Smith explains the details of the installation: "We've updated Room Three with the Pioneer XY system and powered it with Powersoft amplifiers. We were really happy with the performance in Room Two from the XY install and decided to update Room Three to match. We installed a quad system in each arch and extended the coverage on the terraced areas. The DJ booth has been updated with the XY12s and XY215 sub." It will work hand in hand with the new layout of the room to create the optimum interaction between crowd and DJ and intimacy for the unique atmosphere this space has given over the years. Now positioned across the floor as you enter the bar the DJs are in the dance and the atmosphere is able to flow across the whole floor between and under the arches. It also comes at a time where Room Three will be opening again for the new series of FABRICLIVE events from September. It's that favourite spot for a lot of people and somewhere we look forward to hosting some upcoming party crews from around the UK that are doing something special with bass music. Full listings below and tickets for all FABRICLIVE events are available here. Friday 14th September 2018 Room One: High Focus Records The Four Owls Dirty Dike Dabbla Coops Onoe Caponoe Ed Scissor Datkid Pete Cannon & Jman JUNGLE SET Pitch 92 DJ Sammy B-Side Talos Molotov Frosty Offkey & NV DNB SET Room Two: Technique Recordings Drumsound & Bassline Smith Tantrum Desire Youngman LIVE Crissy Criss DJSS & Navigator JUNGLE SET Phantasy & Skibadee EXCLUSIVE SET L Plus No Concept Special Guest (to be announced) MCs: Skibadee Youngman Carasel Navigator Room Three: Tumble Audio Phatworld Killjoy Fish & Sherry S Leda Stray Exit99 Hank Limit Friday 9th November 2018 Room One: Good Life Room Two: Lord of the Tings Room Three: SheSaidSo Friday 23rd November 2018 Room One: Get Hype Records Room Two: Deeprot Room Three: Four 40 Records Friday 14th December 2018 Room One: Metalheadz Room Two: Dispatch Recordings Room Three: Flexout Audio Just Announced: Friday 28th September Room One: Nero Presents Nero North Base Sukh Knight Skankandbass Squarewave Cimm Hosted By: Illaman Room Two: Eatbrain Teddy Killerz Jade B2B Mindscape Fourward L 33 RedPill Hosted By: Nuklear Room Three: 3000 Bass The #MarcusNastyShow feat: Marcus Nasty B2B Scar Duggy W/ Mic Man Frost DJ Redhot W/ MC Shantie & Tino B2B Bethbethbeth W/ Dizzle Kid Goods B2B Faded Ralston Mofaux B2B Tengu KXVU Dakota Sixx LIVE PA Purge B2B Sai 3000 DJs Friday 19th October - fabric 19th Birthday Weekend Room One: Drum&BassArena Dub Phizix & Strategy The Upbeats Spectrasoul Ed Rush Doc Scott Kove Ownglow Special Guest TBA Hosted By: Strategy Visionibi LowQui Room Two: Pretty Weird Kahn B2B Commodo Headhunter B2B Pinch Barely Legal Jossy Mitsu Special Guest TBA Room Three: Addictive Behaviour Survival Script Mystic State Data3 Tephra & Arkoze ("WHEN IN ROME" EP LAUNCH) Invadhertz Sicknote & Sweetpea Hosted By: Gusto Hainesy J:S Friday 26th October - FABRICLIVE Halloween Party Room One: AWOL - A Way Of Life Kenny Ken Micky Finn MC GQ 2Shy Nicky Blackmarket Brockie & Det Darren Jay Shabba D Airies Fearless Moose Dr S Gachet Plus Special Guests Room Two: ONEAWAY DJ Phantasy Logan D Harry Shotta MC Skibadee Distress Signal: K Motionz Kanine Simula Shabba D MC IC3 Upgrade Azza & Grima Cotesy Ripraw Room Three: THEN&NOW DJ Cartier Mike 'Ruff Cut' Lloyd Philgood & Ram DJ Bugzee DJ Listener MC Dappa DJ Gemini MC Vapour MC Hotch MC Kofi B
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