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AI's Musical Revolution: Blending Innovation and Artistry
Exploring how AI tools shape modern music production
Aug. 13 2023
Rehan S.
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In the dynamic realm of music production in 2023, artificial intelligence, AI, has swiftly become a focal point for discussion among music producers. Amid concerns of inundation of automated music and the looming specter of artist deep fakes, there emerges a more nuanced perspective on the role of AI in our creative processes. While apprehensions about copyright, artist intellectual property, and ethical considerations persist, AI has the potential to be a harmonious addition to your creative toolkit. It can infuse your existing workflow with solutions for mix intricacies, conquer writer's block, and unveil novel creative avenues.

AI is a versatile companion that can be harnessed in various capacities within your creative endeavors. Its application ranges from generating sounds, as demonstrated by Google's MusicLM, which responds to text prompts through generative AI, to enhancing composition, mixing, and mastering through assistive AI. The distinction between these roles is important; generative AI birthes new auditory experiences, while assistive AI accelerates routine tasks and collaborates in your creative process. Yet, it's essential to recognize that the effectiveness of AI hinges on the quality of its training data. Even though no AI model is flawless, they can contribute to your creativity with an air of curiosity and ingenuity.

Here, we delve into six remarkable AI tools that are reshaping the music industry and empowering artists to unleash their imagination.

Splice's Create Feature

Subscription Price: Starting at $7.99/month

Splice, a renowned platform for music producers, introduces its revolutionary Create feature—a dynamic AI-driven solution designed to overcome the dreaded writer's block. Born from the Compatible Sounds (CoSo) initiative, Create harnesses Splice's extensive library of sounds to swiftly initiate musical projects. By selecting a style such as Lo-Fi Wave or Hit Hop, users receive a curated selection of compatible loops, each automatically adjusted for pitch and tempo coherence. The tool's refresh button facilitates easy swapping of ideas, and when ready, projects can be seamlessly exported to Ableton Live while preserving pitch and tempo alterations. Splice's Create feature proves that AI can be a wellspring of creativity, propelling artists past creative roadblocks. Click here to try Create now!

iZotope's Neutron Plugin

Subscription Price: Starting at $19.99/month

Mixing, a crucial aspect of music production, receives a transformative touch with iZotope's Neutron plugin. This AI-powered tool takes the guesswork out of EQ settings and frequency management. Neutron listens to your tracks, analyzing them for potential frequency clashes. It recommends EQ adjustments and offers a suite of seven modules—including exciter, compressor, distortion, and transient shaper—to fine-tune each element of your composition. With Neutron, AI becomes a reliable assistant, allowing you to focus on shaping your sonic masterpiece. Head over to Izotope to get your hands on Neutron 4.

Muse Spark and Orb Composer

Subscription Price: Muse Spark - Free with in-app purchases, Orb Composer - Starting at $69.99

For those seeking inspiration in composition, Muse Spark and Orb Composer are exemplary AI companions. Muse Spark generates chords based on text prompts within your digital audio workstation (DAW), making the process of chord creation a breeze. On the other hand, Orb Composer, part of the Orb Producer Suite, crafts intricate and customizable melodies and chord structures. These AI tools become your collaborative partners, breathing fresh life into your compositions. Click here to download the Muse Spark plugin, and here to buy Orb plugins.

Google's Magenta Studio

Subscription Price: Free

Google's Magenta Studio, an innovative venture into AI-generated music, empowers creators to generate MIDI chords and arrangement patterns from scratch. This open-source tool enables artists to explore new musical territories by leveraging AI's ability to inspire and surprise. Magenta Studio sparks creativity by offering a unique blend of human imagination and AI innovation. Click here to see Magenta’s plugin

AI Voice Modeling Tools

Subscription Price: Kits.ai - Starting at $14.99/month, Voice-Swap - Free with in-app purchases

Voice modeling is an avant-garde application of AI, allowing artists to capture the essence of a singer's voice and transfer it into their work. While dedicated plugins are emerging, platforms like Kits.ai and Voice-Swap enable you to model singers' voices and even train AI clones of your own singing voice. These tools provide an exciting glimpse into the future of vocal expression. Click here to view Kits.ai, and here to access Voice-Swap.

OpenAI’s MuseNet

Subscription Price: Free

In the realm of AI music innovation, OpenAI stands tall with its creation, MuseNet. A heavyweight in the AI industry, OpenAI's MuseNet redefines music generation with its remarkable capabilities. The tool is designed to craft compositions featuring up to ten distinct instruments and explore an impressive array of 15 musical styles. MuseNet's uniqueness shines through its ability to emulate the genius of renowned composers like Mozart and seamlessly transition to the styles of contemporary music creators. Powering this AI marvel is a sophisticated deep neural network, meticulously trained on diverse data gathered from across the internet. This intricate training empowers MuseNet to analyze and interpret musical nuances across extensive timescales. Click here to sign in to MuseNet.

AI's role in music production transcends mere automation—it's a catalyst for innovation and a source of inspiration. From conquering creative blocks to refining mix intricacies, AI tools like Splice's Create, iZotope's Neutron, Muse Spark, Orb Composer, Google's Magenta Studio, AI Voice Modeling tools, and OpenAI’s MuseNet are reshaping the creative landscape for musicians and producers. As AI continues to evolve, its synergy with human creativity promises a harmonious blend that amplifies artistic expression, propelling music into uncharted realms of possibility.


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