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Blond:ish's Surprising Mix of Beats and B-Ball at Hard Summer 2023
Fans React with a Mix of Amusement and Wonder
Aug. 23 2023
Rehan S.
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Los Angeles, CAHard Summer 2023 unfolded on August 6th, delivering a powerhouse B2B set featuring none other than Diplo and Blond:ish. While festival-goers were primed for an evening of infectious electronic beats, Blond:ish had a curveball (or should we say basketball?) to throw, leaving fans both amazed and slightly puzzled.

Amid Diplo's deck-spinning prowess, Blond:ish took the stage with an unexpected twist – a basketball hoop placed prominently at center stage. As the music pulsed through the air, she seamlessly interwove her DJ set with a display of impressive basketball skills. Dribbling, shooting, and slam-dunking, she showcased a whole new facet of her talents that had the crowd cheering and clapping in disbelief.

But the story didn't end there. Blond:ish had a surprise post-festival treat for her fans. Taking to Instagram after the event, she shared a video spotlighting her basketball artistry, which drew comparisons to none other than the basketball legend himself, Stephen Curry. ����Click here to have a look for yourself!

As with any unexpected twist, opinions were split among the festival-goers. Some embraced Blond:ish's ingenuity, hailing the fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds. Others, however, questioned if this diversion was what they had signed up for, wondering if they had stumbled upon a halftime show rather than a music festival. Regardless, there's no denying that Blond:ish's unexpected act succeeded in sparking conversations and raising eyebrows.

Whether you're vibing with the beat or cheering for the slam dunks, one thing is for certain – Hard Summer 2023 reminded us that when it comes to live performances, DJs are in a league of their own, always ready to take us on an unexpected journey.

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