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Aug. 8 2022
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The Cross 2.0 Nightclub To Grace King’s Cross
The Iconic Cross Club Returns With A New Spice

London’s iconic club of the 90’s ‘The Cross’ is set to be reborn anew next month, in the same vicinity of York Way Goods Yard, King's Cross. The latest take on the famous clubbing destination ticks all boxes and keeps all the classic elements alive while adding more to the original to cater audiences of this era.

The Cross was a historic landmark of London’s clubbing scene, set up in ’93 and situated deep into the post-industrial King’s Cross where the party goers would rave all night under the famous railway arches. DJs such as Danny RamplingDave SeamanIan OssiaNigel Dawson and Judge Jules have regularly held their acts at the club while Glitterati, Vertigo, and Renaissance were residencies that added fame to the venue.  The Cross had to close on New Year’s Day in 2008, and the infrastructure was transformed and redeveloped into modern shopping and dining venues. In the place where the famous six arches dancefloor existed now stands plush Tom Dixon designer store.

The founders of The Cross, Billy Reilly and his wife Gemma, have decided to bring back the club to the people with a new incarnation, The Cross 2.0. Besides The Cross, the couple owns several other pubs and restaurants in the vicinity, and this includes ‘The Driver Pub’ on Wharfdale Rd – the lucky venue chosen to usher in the latest Cross. The couple originally wanted to refurbish the pub but were having second thoughts and chose to transform it into The Cross 2.0 instead.

 “With the area having changed so much, and so many new businesses and restaurants coming in, just being another scrubbed up pub off the Caledonian Rd didn’t feel right. We were looking around at what was going on, trying to work out how we’d get our next 15 years right and really put our stamp upon the new King’s Cross.”- Gemma, Co-founder of The Cross

The Cross 2.0 won’t be a duplicate of the original and aims to do more based on the foundations the signature London club laid. The Cross had six arches, and The Cross 2.0 will have six floors. The idea will incorporate dining and lounging elements into the former, adding luxury and comfort that was previously missing.

“The Cross has grown up…

 …The new venue brings some of the heritage and nostalgia elements, in that it’s still right here in King’s Cross” - Gemma, Co-founder of The Cross

There will be a basement called ‘The club’, with hallmarks of the old railway arches including exposed brickwork, iron girders, artefacts, wooden swings, cigarette vending machines, beer storage arches, and fairground waltzers, all brought in from the original club. At ground level, there will be ‘The bar’ with an old front glass door, marble counters, a DJ booth and a horseshoe bar. Levels above are the ‘Dining room’ and ‘The lounge’ with snacks and small dishes of their own, a wrap-around terrace and DJ booths. Then there is ‘The red room’, a cigar room with textured wallpaper, banquets and cocktails, and no DJ on this floor to relax and have perfect moments. At last, ‘The rooftop’, which was a popular place for hangouts in The Driver Pub. It is now modified to include beds, a cocktail and champagne bar and decks to have a view of the original arches by the canal.


For more updates on The Cross 2.0, follow The Driver Pub:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/thedriverldn

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