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Daya cuts the cord with New Single
Pop and drum & bass heartfelt anthem.
July 3 2024
Awais Khan
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With her latest single, Daya dials up the intensity and tells heartbreak: "don't call."

Daya, the Grammy-winning artist behind global hits like The Chainsmokers' "Don't Let Me Down" and ILLENIUM and Gryffin's "Feel Good," is back with a stunning new single, out now on Spinnin' Records. Produced by Sebastian Furrer of Cazzette, "Don't Call" showcases Daya's knack for weaving emotive storytelling with genre-bending precision.

A striking departure from Daya’s previous work, "Don't Call" sees the celebrated songstress diving into the realms of drum & bass while maintaining her signature pop allure. The song's ethereal synths and spritely rhythms create a vast, expansive soundscape that contrasts beautifully with the intimate, confined energy that inspired its creation. Written in a small room in a Swedish building that once served as a prison, the song feels like a heartfelt escape, with Daya's falsettos and aching vocals soaring over the production.

Daya delivers lyrics that speak to the pain and liberation of letting go. Known for her emotive vocals and powerful stage presence, Daya has garnered acclaim for her collaborations and solo hits, continuing to push boundaries in the pop and electronic music scenes. The track's climactic moments are underscored by subtle yet impactful drum & bass elements, adding a dynamic intensity that elevates its emotional weight.

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