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DJ Tennis Cooks Up a New Beat
Experience music and meals in Munchietown
Dec. 8 2023
Maria M.
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DJ Tennis, the renowned DJ and music producer, is set to unveil a sizzling new project that marries the beats of music with the flavors of gastronomy. His latest venture, 'Munchietown', promises to revolutionize the fusion of music and culinary arts, inviting viewers on a flavorful journey while celebrating the art of swift and delightful cooking.

The brainchild of DJ Tennis, 'Munchietown' isn't just another cooking show; it's a vibrant web series aimed at exploring the intersection of music and food. Known for his illustrious music career, DJ Tennis’s passion for gastronomy has been a consistent part of his journey. From owning a restaurant to curating culinary experiences for special events, including Bridges for Music Charity Dinners and collaborations with renowned establishments like Senza Fine x W Hotels and Carousel x AVA Paired, his love for food resonates deeply.

The series kicks off with three engaging episodes featuring co-host Paul Delrez, a celebrated chef recognized for his innovative 'Hot Regressive Cuisine'. Alongside DJ Tennis, guests like French producer and DJ, Traumer, Parisian restaurateur Simon Auscher, and the globally acclaimed DJ Seth Troxler are set to grace subsequent episodes. These encounters promise not just cooking demonstrations but also captivating conversations spanning diverse industries, adding a unique flavor to each episode.

Tailored for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, each one-minute episode guarantees a delightful fusion of engaging conversations and culinary finesse. DJ Tennis and his guests will concoct delectable recipes designed to be prepared in 15 minutes or less, using accessible ingredients that inspire audiences to embrace everyday cooking with enthusiasm and joy.

In an interview with Hii Magazine, DJ Tennis shared insights into his passion for both music and food, emphasizing the parallels between creating a musical experience and crafting a dish for others. Drawing parallels between DJing and cooking, he highlighted the essence of offering people an experience, taking them on a journey, and the importance of experimentation and perseverance in both realms.

Born Manfredi Romano in Italy, DJ Tennis’ love affair with food commenced early, learning family recipes and honing culinary skills while pursuing a career in electronic music. His time in the kitchen, marked by experimentation and commitment, parallels his approach to music production. He sees both crafts as journeys to be enjoyed, constantly evolving without fixating on perfection.

From fresh pesto to porcini mushroom risotto, DJ Tennis views cooking as a canvas for creativity, much like creating music. His global tours, though challenging for maintaining a healthy diet, have exposed him to diverse cuisines, fostering a deep appreciation for local flavors worldwide.

Reflecting on a whimsical yet real experience in Saint Martin, where he found himself jamming to reggae tunes after being stranded, DJ Tennis embodies a spirit of spontaneity and passion for both music and cooking. His life, a seamless blend of magic and passion, echoes Fellini's sentiment that life is indeed a combination of magic and pasta.

As 'Munchietown' gears up for its launch, DJ Tennis continues to blur the lines between music and gastronomy, inviting enthusiasts to embrace the joy of culinary exploration while grooving to the beats of innovative tunes. Stay tuned for a flavorful journey that promises to ignite taste buds and inspire culinary adventures.

On December 14th, join DJ Tennis and Paul Delrez as they unveil the first episode of ‘Munchietown’, a symphony of flavors and beats waiting to be discovered.

The next episode guest starring Traumer is set to release on December 26th.


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