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Hercules DJcontrol Inpulse T7: Digital Vinyl Modernized
Is this the best DJ product of the year?
Aug. 30 2023
Rehan S.
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In a world of ever-evolving DJ technology, the roots of our craft remain essential. Vinyl, the pioneer of DJing, still holds a unique allure despite its waning prominence. The Hercules DJcontrol Inpulse T7 boldly reimagines the classic turntable platter and brings it into the realm of affordable controllers, targeting aspiring DJs. This innovative controller combines the charm of vinyl control with beat matching aids and advanced performance features, making it a contender for the title of "Best DJ Product of the Year".

The Ingenious Platters

The heart of the Hercules DJcontrol Inpulse T7 lies in its platters, which pay homage to the turntable's legacy while embracing modern innovation. Utilizing a belt drive motor, a feature reminiscent of traditional belt-driven turntables, the controller achieves an affordable price point without compromising functionality. This ingenious implementation allows for quick acceleration, reaching optimal speed in a mere tenth of a second. The smaller platter size maximizes torque from the belt drive mechanism, resulting in responsive scratching and seamless mixing. Moreover, the package includes personalized white slip mats that cater to varying preferences, ensuring a tailored experience for every DJ.

Unveiling the Software

The DJcontrol Inpulse T7 interfaces seamlessly with DJ software, offering the choice between Hercules's own DJUCED software and the renowned Serato DJ Lite. While the free DJUCED software grants access to a range of advanced performance features, Serato DJ Lite opens doors to more possibilities through a paid upgrade. Worth noting is the controller's requirement for separate DC power, distinguishing it from USB-powered devices. With options to stream music from integrated services or play local files, the DJcontrol Inpulse T7 accommodates diverse musical sources.

Craftsmanship and Portability

Elegance and durability converge in the controller's build quality. The foldable legs bring the unit to an ergonomic height, offering convenience and accommodating a laptop stand underneath. This feature proves beneficial for those who perform at various locations, ensuring the device's adaptability to different environments. Remarkably lightweight at five kilograms, the controller boasts portability without sacrificing audio quality. While the crossfader might feel slightly delicate for scratching enthusiasts, it's important to remember that this controller targets beginners and entry-level DJs.

Embarking on a Journey of Performance

The DJcontrol Inpulse T7 empowers DJs with a suite of performance features that aid both novices and seasoned professionals. Beat matching controls facilitate learning the art of timing and synchronization, offering a training ground for aspiring DJs. The mixer section boasts EQ controls, gains, crossfaders, and filters that enhance the overall mixing experience. The headphone cues and master control facilitate seamless transitions between the main output and headphones, a fundamental aspect of live DJing.

Unlocking Creativity with Effects

Unlocking a world of creativity, the controller's effects paddles offer a plethora of software effects. While these effects vary across software platforms, they inject depth and texture into DJ sets. DJs can combine effects, adjust depth, and modify beat fractions, paving the way for artistic experimentation.

The Stems Advantage

An exceptional feature exclusive to Serato DJ Pro is the stems control. This functionality allows DJs to manipulate different stems of a track, effectively creating instrumentals or acapellas on the fly. This innovation lends an edge to live performances, giving DJs unique avenues for sonic exploration.

Price and Final Thoughts

Priced just under $700, the Hercules DJcontrol Inpulse T7 finds itself in a league of its own. While competitors like the Pioneer DDJ Flex 6 GT and Numark Mixtrack Pro + offer stiff competition, the Inpulse T7 distinguishes itself with its moving platters—a rarity in this price bracket. Whether you're a novice yearning for a touch of vinyl nostalgia or a seasoned DJ seeking a dynamic addition to your setup, the DJcontrol Inpulse T7 merits consideration. Click here to view the list of partner stores and grab one now!

In conclusion, Hercules has truly bridged the gap between the analog past and the digital present with the DJcontrol Inpulse T7. This controller elegantly balances tradition and innovation, catering to DJs of all skill levels. Whether you're scratching, mixing, or experimenting with effects, the DJcontrol Inpulse T7 is a testament to the limitless possibilities of modern DJ technology. While it may not be waterproof, it's certainly weathered the storm of innovation and emerged triumphant. Read more about the device here.

So, DJs of the world, are you ready to embrace the future without forgetting your roots? The Hercules DJcontrol Inpulse T7 beckons, promising an exhilarating journey into the heart of electronic music.


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