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Israel-Hamas Conflict Engulfs Tribe of Nova Festival
A night of celebration turns into a terrible nightmare
Oct. 9 2023
Rehan S.
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In an unexpected turn of events, the Universo Paralello warmup party, hosted by Tribe of Nova near Kibbutz Re’im, has shifted from a celebration of international unity into a challenging situation, unfolding just 3km from the tumultuous Gaza border. This once lively desert rave, synonymous with Israel's vibrant music scene, now stands as a backdrop of recovery and distress, leaving the global dance music community deeply affected.

The Ongoing Search for Answers and the Missing

A serious count indicates that 260 bodies have been recovered from the festival grounds, causing grief among families and profound shock within the global community. The severity deepens as approximately 250 festival attendees remain unaccounted for, with some held captive in Gaza, unfolding a tragedy of significant proportions. Amidst this evolving catastrophe, families and friends of the missing, including Noa Argamani, Shani Louk (Germany), Orión Hernández Radoux (Mexico), and Jake Marlowe (United Kingdom), endure a period of uncertainty. Captured in video footage during the attack, their loved ones' fates remain unknown. The international community follows developments closely, hopeful for any news that may bring comfort to the grieving and closure to those awaiting information.

Hamas Terrorists Infiltrate Universo Paralello Israel Attendees

On October 7 at 7 a.m., chaos unfolded as Hamas terrorists infiltrated the Universo Paralello Israel festival. Their gunfire and the taking of hostages caused chaos within the festival grounds. Witnesses describe a distressing scene with 260 bodies recovered and around 250 attendees still missing, with some held captive in Gaza.

Eyewitness Accounts Shed Light on the Tragedy

Eyewitnesses recount the unsettling moments when the music abruptly stopped, and what was initially perceived as fireworks turned into chaos due to Iron Dome interceptions. A partygoer shared, “Lots of young party-goers kidnapped. My friend was driving, and we hadn’t started partying yet, so we were more or less okay and just got out of there about 5-10 minutes before small arms fire started.” Another attendee's harrowing story adds to the grim narrative, “Many fell and were injured from terrorist fire. The terrorists surrounded us. Somehow, we managed to escape the line of fire. They shot at us three times during the escape. There was a cell of four terrorists, then a cell of six.”

International Artists and Attendees Caught in the Crossfire

Renowned artists like Aladin (France), Noface (Israel), Jumpstreet (Switzerland), Swarup (Brazil), Spectra Sonics (Japan), and others graced the festival lineup. The crowd included foreign travelers, accentuating the international mix of festival-goers. Simultaneously, the Miri in the Desert festival seemed less impacted, featuring artists like Volcano on Mars (Israel), Regan (South Africa), Dickster (United Kingdom), and Laughing Buddha (United Kingdom).

ZAKA: Volunteers Lead the Grueling Recovery Effort

Amidst the tragedy, ZAKA, a volunteer emergency response group in Israel, has shouldered the daunting task of recovering the victims. With unwavering dedication and expertise in emergency response, ZAKA volunteers tirelessly comb through the festival site, providing an essential service in these dark hours.

Tribe of Nova’s Response to the Unfathomable Tragedy

Tribe of Nova, the festival organizers, released a statement expressing profound shock and pain at the tragic turn of events. The statement on Instagram reads, “The Nova tribe is shocked and pained. We support and participate in the grief of the families of the missing and murdered. We are doing everything we can to assist the security forces, standing by.”


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