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James Trystan Takes Koh Phangan by Storm
Exclusive insights into his latest live set and future plans
Feb. 21 2024
Maria M.
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From the shores of Apple Bar, Koh Phangan, DJ James Trystan recently treated fans to a mesmerizing live set that's been buzzing across the electronic music scene. Broadcasting straight from one of his most cherished tour destinations, Trystan's performance captured the essence of the island's allure.

In a quick Q&A session, we caught up with James to delve deeper into the inspiration behind his latest stream, upcoming releases and the magic of live performances.

Reflecting on his inaugural livestream, Trystan shared, "This was my first livestream so it only made sense that it was from my most visited and loved tour destination Koh Phangan. I wanted it to show how beautiful the island is for those that haven’t visited yet."

When asked about collaborations, James hinted at a new EP with Steve Glass, teasing, "The second to last track is off my new EP I made with Steve Glass. I’ve only just started sending it to labels so let’s see where that lands." As for future plans, he revealed intentions to hit Berlin and the US, promising electrifying shows.

In a departure from his spontaneous style, Trystan specially curated his setlist for this stream; "Usually I don’t plan what I play but for this one I had a clear idea as I wanted to make a good set appealing to a wider audience. All the tracks featured are from my favourite artists"

James also gave a shout-out to Aalson and his label, Sinners whose tracks have peppered his setlist. On the technical front, he stayed true to his minimalist approach, letting the music speak for itself.

The sheer energy of the stream hinted at the meticulous production behind the scenes. As for audience response, Trystan beamed with satisfaction. 

This live set truly serves as a testament to the power of music in transcending boundaries. With glimpses into his creative process and future endeavors, fans can't help but eagerly await what's next from this maestro of the electronic scene.

Catch the replay of James Trystan's live set here and stay tuned for more electrifying beats coming your way!


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