Electronic Music News > Jeff Mills Rolls Out 3rd Soundtrack For 'Metropolis'
Jeff Mills Rolls Out 3rd Soundtrack For 'Metropolis'
Mills to perform live at the Anthology Film Archives.
Jan. 24 2023
Rehan S.
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Techno pioneer Jeff Mills has unveiled the third installment in his highly regarded 'Metropolis Metropolis' soundtrack series, drawing inspiration from Fritz Lang's 1927 cult classic film 'Metropolis'. This new addition follows Mills' first soundtrack for the film, which was released in 2000, and a second one in 2010.

Mills has long admired the "timeless message of solidarity" in 'Metropolis', and intends to use his soundtracks to "reintroduce and educate the theories and ideology" of the film to a new audience.

Each soundtrack is a distinct composition, written from a different perspective. The first, released in 2000, was written from the perspective of a spectator watching the film, the second from the perspective of the characters in the film, and the third from the perspective of the machines and technology within the film's world, and it is composed as a "symphonic electronic soundtrack".

To mark the release, Mills will be performing live to the film on February 22nd at the Anthology Film Archives in New York, in partnership with Axis Records and Dweller Festival.

The new 'Metropolis Metropolis' soundtrack will be available on March 3rd in triple vinyl, CD, and digital formats. This latest installment is a must-listen for fans of Jeff Mills and the iconic film 'Metropolis'.

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