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La Discothèque Lights Up Drumsheds
DJ Sneak and Disco magic take center stage
Oct. 23 2023
Rehan S.
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Drumsheds in London transformed into a pulsating dance utopia as La Discothèque took over on October 7th, 2023. The massive rave space, Drumsheds, became the epicenter for a night of infectious beats and boundless euphoria.

La Discothèque's takeover infused Drumsheds with a carnival of disco vibes, accentuated by playful flamingo-themed visuals. The star-studded lineup included luminaries such as Kenny Dope, Anish Kumar, Hercules & Love Affair (DJ set), Girls of the Internet (DJ set), and more. The night reached its zenith with the La Discothèque Orchestra, featuring the dynamic vocal prowess of Evelyn 'Champagne' King and Jocelyn Brown, who commanded the stage with electrifying charisma. Click here to see the whole lineup.

Standing in the spotlight was DJ Sneak, a luminary rooted in the vibrant musical traditions of Puerto Rico and now a stalwart of Chicago's underground house scene. Collaborating with Derrick Carter, their back-to-back set seamlessly blended the nostalgia of old-school mix tapes with the raw, unfiltered energy reminiscent of warehouse parties, creating an unforgettable dance experience.

The anticipation for the night was palpable on La Discotheque's Instagram: 

"@blucu B2B @djsneak. This Saturday we welcome back @blucu, a true legend of the Chicago house scene. Producing pioneering tracks, running labels, he joins forces with fellow Chicagoan @djsneak for an unmissable back-to-back set."

Drumsheds, nestled in Tottenham's former IKEA, provided an ideal canvas for this disco odyssey. With multiple rooms and capacity for 15,000 dance enthusiasts, the venue showcased a carefully curated program. Brought to life by the visionary team at Broadwick Live, Drumsheds joins the ranks of iconic venues like Printworks and Field Day Festival.

For lovers of disco, electronic beats, and vibrant dance vibes, La Discothèque's takeover at Drumsheds was a journey. The convergence of an exceptional lineup, playful visuals, and the historic venue created an evening that transcended the ordinary. As beats reverberated, attendees embarked on a sonic exploration through the disco era, leaving with cherished memories etched in the annals of dance music history.


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