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Nathan Katz Drops New Parallax EP
All Day I Dream delivers Katz's latest melodic house experience
May 1 2024
Maria M.
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Nathan Katz, the rising Argentinian producer and DJ, has just released his highly anticipated Parallax EP through Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream record label. Known for his previous standout contributions to the label's compilations, Katz returns with his first full-length offering, showcasing his talent and vision for the melodic and organic house scene.

The Parallax EP, released on April 26, 2024, promises a captivating journey through soundscapes that reflect Katz's diverse musical influences. From his roots in electronic music to inspirations beyond the genre, each track on the EP tells its own unique story, drawing listeners into Katz's artistic world.

The EP opens with its title track, Parallax, setting the tone with crisp percussion and a hypnotic melody. Around halfway through, the track takes a turn with a powerful vocal interlude, offering a transformative experience. The combination of melodies, rhythms and vocals makes Parallax a standout track, leaving listeners eager to explore the rest of the EP.

Katz continues with three additional tracks: Moonlight, Flamingo, and Dreamland. Each track carries its own distinct narrative, providing a sonic adventure that transcends genres and emotions. Katz's collaboration with Alan Moss in Flamingo adds another layer of depth to the EP, highlighting his ability to craft compelling musical experiences.

Nathan Katz's journey in electronic music began in 2017, quickly making a name for himself with performances alongside industry giants like Lee Burridge and Nick Warren. His first release with All Day I Dream, Voices, was featured on the label's 2022 compilation A Winter Sampler IV and reached the Beatport Top 10 in the Organic House genre.

With each new release, Katz's international presence grows. His most recent track, For You, from the A Winter Sampler VI compilation, also made its mark by climbing to #13 on the Beatport Top 100 for Organic House. Katz's global debut in 2023 included performances at renowned venues like Do Not Sit and TreeHouse in Miami and El Imposible in Madrid.

Through his career, Katz has shared the DJ booth with great artists such as Nick Warren, Kevin Di Serna, Emanuel Satie, Loco & Jam, Albuquerque Who Else and others. This diverse experience has helped shape his style and broaden his musical influences.

The Parallax EP by Nathan Katz is now available digitally on all major streaming platforms, with physical records set to be released on May 3, 2024. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to Nathan Katz's music, this EP is sure to leave you wanting more of his unique sound.


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