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Noisia Release Visual Analyser: Vision 4X
Level Up Your Productions x 4
Jan. 12 2023
Nick Stephens
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Producers, get ready to elevate your sound design game with the newest collaboration from Excite Audio and Noisia - Vision 4X. This VST/AU/AAX analyser plugin is the ultimate tool for taking your productions to the next level.

Not content with retirement, the trio have come up with this absolute beast. 

Featuring four visual analytical tools - a spectrogram, bar graph, waveform and phase correlation meter - Vision 4X runs all these alongside one another in real time, with their own windows, giving you the flexibility to integrate it into your workflow however you want. Plus the plug-in comes with analysis presets designed by Noisia themselves.

Vision 4X can be synced with any DAW, and you can tailor the analytical timeframe to your individual project, meaning you can hone in on exactly what you want to see. The analysers can run continuously or, if you prefer, you can loop a section of time. 

Noisia are excited: 

“We have worked with various visual analyzers for over 20 years and they've helped us greatly to understand our sound. Especially when starting out in an imperfect room (i e almost every room) it's really helpful to use analysis and reference. What is it about this track I love that makes it sound so good? And how does my track compare? Do I have enough bass? We used a lot of different ones, and had always wanted to see certain features and functionalities combined, and so we finally set out to build our own plug-in. It's been really exciting and educational making it with Excite Audio.”

Vision 4X provides the ability to see your sound like never before. With its powerful visual analysis, you'll have the insights to take your tracks to the next level and make mixing decisions with confidence, no matter what room you are in, monitors or headphones you are using.  Don't miss out on this game-changing collaboration from Excite Audio and Noisia.

Get the plugin here.

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