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Unveiling Africa’s DJ Talent
Meet 8 dynamic DJs shaping the music scene
April 8 2024
Maria M.
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In the heartbeat of Africa's dance music scene, a wave of innovative DJs is surfacing, captivating global audiences through platforms like DJLINK.me. Let's take a groove-filled journey through the rhythms and beats of come of these unsung heroes, who are reshaping the dance music landscape of the continent.

Diving into the vibrant music scene of Kenya, we encounter DJ Boboss, a DIY maestro. Despite navigating the challenges of positive poverty, DJ Boboss crafts his unique soundscapes using homemade electronic gear, demonstrating a resourcefulness that's as awe-inspiring as his music. From his electrifying Boiler Room sets to his captivating Instagram snippets, DJ Boboss is a testament to African creativity at its finest.

However, DJ Boboss faces a dire situation – eviction looms over him, with his landlord threatening to seize his hand-built turntables and synths due to unpaid rent. We cannot let this happen. Help us raise money to pay his rent for the next year and support him in building new turntable systems which he will share with the community. If you can just donate USD 2 -5 to this campaign here and share with your friends, we can really help DJ Boboss pursue his musical dream despite ill health and poverty.

Further down the musical trail, DJ Krish Kenya is emerging as a rising star, blending Afro-house vibes with melodic progressions that paint the dancefloors of Kenya's clubs and hotels with infectious energy. His talent echoes the heartbeat of his nation, infusing every beat with the spirit of his homeland.

Our journey takes a southward turn to South Africa, where DJ Bongz reigns supreme. With over two decades of experience under his belt, DJ Bongz is more than just a DJ - he is a cultural icon. From the streets of Pinetown to the global stage, his meteoric rise is marked by infectious beats and signature dance moves that leave audiences spellbound.

Collaborating with DJ Bongz is the electrifying DJ Phinova, whose dynamic performances have ignited dance floors for over a decade. Together, they've been unleashing a whirlwind of sound, culminating in their recent EP "Flipside," a testament to their unwavering passion for music.

Also hailing from South Africa, SONA, the son of renowned DJ and producer Black Coffee, has skyrocketed to fame in just 18 months. With explosive success fueling his rise, SONA’s performances at festivals and venues worldwide showcase his innate talent and inherited passion for music.

Next up is MASH.O, born and bred in Lebowakgomo, South Africa. His journey from experimenting with musical software to catching the attention of industry stalwart Aero Manyelo is a testament to his unwavering dedication. With hits like "The Village" propelling him to stardom, MASH.O’s collaborations underscore his impact on the South African music landscape.

Crossing borders, we encounter the dynamic duo Husa and Zeyada, whose eclectic soundscapes transport listeners to the sun-kissed shores of Egypt's Sinai region. Collaborating with legendary artists like Hernan Cattaneo, they've carved a niche for themselves in the international festival circuit, seamlessly blending cultural influences with electronic beats.

But amidst this diverse talent, there's a common thread: DJLINK.me. Phinova, Bongz, MASH.O and Krish Kenya utilize this platform to showcase their music to the world and connect with fans across the globe. Feel free to check out their DJLINK.me pages here - Phinova, Bongz, MASH.O and Krish Kenya.

As we immerse ourselves in the beats and melodies of these African DJs, let's celebrate their innovation, passion and dedication to their craft. Through their music, they're not just entertaining audiences, they're shaping the future of the global dance music scene, one beat at a time. So, tune in, turn up the volume and let the rhythm of Africa guide you on a musical odyssey like no other.

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