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Zedd Announces New Album "Telos"
Telos will be released on August 30th
June 6 2024
Awais K.
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Zedd has confirmed a new album, Telos, his first in nearly a decade. This highly anticipated album will release on August 30th, Zedd revealed today across his social media platforms. The album follows 2015's scintillating True Colors, which delivered to fans a number of generational dance anthems, like "Beautiful Now" and the Selena Gomez-assisted "I Want You to Know."

Telos comes from the ancient Greek word τέλος, which translates to "end," "purpose," or "goal." Used by the legendary philosopher Aristotle, the term is closely associated with the doctrine of teleology, which seeks to explain events and circumstances through the purpose they serve rather than their cause. This philosophical underpinning hints at a deeper thematic exploration in the album, suggesting that Zedd is aiming for a project with profound artistic and emotional depth.

In a reflective post from August 2022, Zedd described Telos as "a new chapter" in his artistry. He emphasized his intent to craft something that resonates on a deeply personal level, marking a significant evolution from his previous works. This sentiment was echoed in March of this year when he painted a picture of Telos as a nostalgic and introspective opus. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new material, and the announcement of Telos has generated significant excitement and speculation about the musical direction Zedd will take.

True Colors, released in 2015, included major hits that became anthems in the dance music scene. Tracks like "Beautiful Now" and "I Want You to Know" featured collaborations with top artists such as Jon Bellion and Selena Gomez, showcasing Zedd's ability to blend electronic beats with mainstream appeal. The anticipation surrounding Telos suggests that Zedd will continue to push the boundaries of his music, delivering an album that is both innovative and deeply personal.


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