15 MINS WITH CHINA BASED International dance music producer and Dj/Mc duo - PHINOVA&ANFISA

Featuring our today's guests - DJ PHINOVA from Cameroon & DJ ANFISA from Russia

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Our today's episode of the "15 mins series" features a China-based Duo - PHINOVA&ANFISA. We asked them a few questions about their early life, DJing career, COVID implications on nightlife, their upcoming tracks, and future plans.

It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. My first question for you would be;

1. Where are you from and how long have you been Djing? 

Our stage name is PHINOVA&ANFISA ( PHINOVA and ANFISA) we are an International DJ duo based in China. The duo consists of PHINOVA (International MC and hypeman) coming from Cameroon and ANFISA known as DJ Anfisa (popular fashion producer DJ in Asia) from Russia.

We have been in the music industry since 2009 getting a solo running as resident MC and resident DJ in china from 2011 for Phinova and since 2009 as resident DJ in Japan lore Russia and china. Then we met at the Porsche brand festival in 2015 in Shanghai where the duo was formed. And the year after we release our first project as a duo. Since then, we created our label on Beatport Phinovaandanfisa Records to keep the music culture around the community and discover new talents.

Since then we collaborated with awards winner songwriter Bobby Valentino and Jacky’s Boy on many different projects. We were the Best Upcoming EDM duo in 2018, TOP 25 mc in 2018-2019-2020. Live shows and festivals are our daily activities in China, we just ended our Northside China tour stopped because of the novel coronavirus. We also love to do a radio show in Kenya, China, and London. 

2. How has lockdown been locally, and what chances have you had for playing out to an audience? 

First of all, I want to share my emotion with all the world and everyone that got infected by the COVID-19. We were in China when the quarantine started in January 2020 so we spent almost half of the year in quarantine. Then we cancelled our US and ASIA tours. And that was the first time we were supposed to perform at EDC, Vegas. But since 2020 China has improved the prevention strategy and almost all clubs reopened abut with strict rules we did a few shows in 2020 but since 2021 started, we were able to hit the road again.

China is a big environment, we still were able to tour and share experiences with ravers but didn’t create a lot of projects because many studios closed and got out of budget. But now everything is getting better as we signed our collaboration with Creative Events Promoter, Amsterdam. We are ready to get back on the International road in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia again with their professional tools for the different artists in the roster and with a great manager KARIM. We believe this coming year will be so explosive! 

3. How do you think the scene in your country and city will change as we move to an open state?

This is so certain here in China as the government is working so faster to open borders again when they will reach 80% of the total vaccination of the population. That’s the greatest news but all the music scene is already on track in every city; festivals and clubs, so the earlier 2022 will be so interesting with all international DJs coming and moving again around the world.

4. Your production is focused on Melodic Techno and Trance, what producers inspired you and why?

We always believe music has no boundaries. Music is universal both of us were inspired by almost every type of sound, the list is so long from Karl Cox to Peggy Gou and also some producers that we really love her sound is Anfisa Letyago, an Italian young producer, we are so inspired by her work. As we are so much big stage performers with MC and DJ, we love all types. Our huge ambience is like Big Room Trap Hardstyle.

5. How did you get connected with Bobby Valentino, Rudy Bundini and all those great musicians and influencers?

The best advice we can give to anyone in this music industry is to connect with different energies and different people connections are the keys to getting your head under the sun. We were in Kenya for a tour when we met Bobby Valentino, then we collaborated to release an Afro House Track ‘Mambo ni Leo’ and we linked with one of the biggest influencers and model Rudy Bundini on Instagram and we worked together on this other track 'Evolution’. Always a pleasure to collaborate with everyone that inspires our vision.

6. What would be your top 5 underground artists to look out for? 

We worked with and listened to many different artists and genres but those days I can select;

Dirty Vibezs (DJ & a great producer from New York)

YK Tyga


DJ ABOU (from Cameroon)



7. When can we next see you behind the decks? 


More dates are coming!

8. Choose one track or video to showcase your music



One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain 


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