Dynamic trio Moodshift debut on Controversia with the infectious ‘All of You’ – out this September!

Moodshift drops stunning new single 'All of You' on Controversia Records!


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Published Date - 13 Sep 2021

Release Date: Out now!

Listen link: https://open.spotify.com/album/7osZV6eArpIbj9DE7Z6jbq?si=U0hrADFMTq-bfQiiKDB50w&dl_branch=1

Stockholm, Sweden-based Moodshift returns with their latest offering, ‘All Of You’ yet another highly-anticipated release from the innovative powerhouse trio. Their latest track marks their fifth original production of 2021, released via Alok’s Controversia Records. Since the group's inception, Moodshift has delivered track after captivating track alongside collaborations and remixes with the likes of Dillon Francis, Bow Andersion, Italobrothers and more. 

“Say you want, say you wanna/ cos I can’t wait that much longer” croons the male topline, soaring high atop a finger-snapping simplistic beat that sets the melody before a pumping axis of house beats and oscillating deep bass washes over. As we reach the breakdown, progressive-style synths layer over hip-shaking 4/4’s, “I need all of you” delivering the message of a growing love enveloped in excitement and energy. Adopting a stylistic and pop-infused take on indie-dance, ‘All Of You’ ultimately belongs to the infectious sounds of the dancefloor, as a primed and perfected release for the group’s Controversia debut. 

Speaking on the release, Moodshift said: “We wanted to portray desperation in the lyrics, like this person who’s obsessed with someone or something and given the situation with the pandemic, this song has become something even bigger for us. Everyone has probably felt some sort of desperation and can relate to the essence of the release.”

Make sure you get your hands on Moodshift’s ‘All Of You’, out this Now only via Controversia!

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