Daisuke Sakata reflects back on his 25 years long music career and answers some personal questions!


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Published Date - 28 Oct 2021

Good Day Everyone!

I’m really excited to have our today’s special guest - A Japanese “2 Style 1 DJ” Artist residing in
Osaka, having worked all over the world. He’s “Energy Dai” when he plays melodious, he
becomes “D41” when performing Deep Techno.

Please welcome the very talented Mr. Daisuke Sakata. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us;

1. Today is your 25th DJing Anniversary, Congratulations on that! Can you tell us; how do you feel today when you reflect back on your 25 years long music journey?

Thank you very much! 2021 marks my 25th year as a DJ. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have helped me continue to do so. I have loved DJing since I was 17 years old, and even now, 25 years later, that feeling has not changed. I think I will be a DJ for the rest of my life.

2. You started your career back in ‘96 as “Energy Dai” in Osaka. What inspired you and why?

Since I was in elementary school, I have been interested in painting rather than studying, and I attended art schools for oil painting, drawing, sculpture, woodwork, and ceramics until high school. When I was a 2nd-year student in high school, I got my motorcycle license and started to go to the club from school every day. Originally, I only listened to classical and western music, so the sound of the club amazed me so much and fusion my music experience which fueled my quest for more music. And then the staff at the club mistook me for a DJ, which led me to start my career as DJ Energy Dai.

3. How long your residency at Velfarre was?

I played at John Robinson's party at Velfarre, Tokyo in September 2003, and then started LOADED, the party where I was a resident for 3 years until 2007 when velfarre closed.

4. When did you start your international career?

In 2001 in London, I played three shows at The Fridge (Brixton), Heven, and Perple Totals, which was so amazing and I never forget the memory of it like it was yesterday.

5. What is your concept behind “2 Style 1 DJ”?

In 2007, the year Velfarre closed, I decided to pursue a new sound style, and the UK Hard House Records were no longer being released. I am active internationally as Energy Dai for the Trance set and D41 for the Techno set, which means I am a "2 Style 1 DJ"

6. How did you feel to perform on the main stage at the World’s TOP clubs like the Ministry of Sound & amp; Tresor? What are the highlights?

Both Ministry of Sound and Tresor has been my dream clubs and labels since I started DJing, so this was a dream come true! Especially in London, I played at almost every club from Brixton Academy to small clubs, so I am proud to have played at the Ministry of Sound.

7. What would be your top 5 artists to look out for?

I like all dance music and electronic music artists and DJs, so I can't rank them. I'm paying attention to everyone who is currently working in music.

8. How has lockdown been locally? What chances have you had for playing out or to an audience? 

Fortunately, in Osaka, where I live, I was able to perform at about half the number of shows that I do every year in the first year because of Corona, but this year I was able to perform at only a few clubs, but I was able to perform at outdoor events.

9. What was the work experience like with Mike Koglin at NOYS MUSIC?

Mike Koglin is a German relative of mine. He is a world-class music producer and DJ! And more than that, I really respect him because his humanity is so wonderful. He's always kind and his wife is Japanese, which is great! I also love that he speaks weird Japanese!

10. What are your future plans? What kind of upcoming releases should the fans expect?

Please check out my new song Kukai released this April on the Goa Trance label Matsuri Digital, the digital release of LOADED which I wrote with Mike Koglin in 2003, and the Yuki Higashi 2020 Remix on NOYS MUSIC.

11. How was your transition to becoming a monk? And what spirituality means to you?

It took me about five years to decide to become a monk. It all started when I was given a part-time job at "Hongakuin", a temple in Koyasan. After that, various connections came together, and in 2019 I was ordained into the Koyasan Shingon sect. My dharma name is Sakata Daiku. I believe that spirituality for me is the mind of the out of the body and fusion & harmony with the universe.

12. Any message for the artists who are struggling in your niche?

There are always struggles and hardships in any field. I would like to thank all the artists and DJs who are still working as artists. Especially in the last two years, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, all people have suffered a lot. I believe that people shine because they focus on what they love, and so I will continue to send out and deliver creative and wonderful music experiences to my listeners. DJs are immortal!

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Listen to Kūkai by Energy Dai feat. Seinin Utsumi:


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